Individual Wrestlers

Wrestling Teams

Weight Class:  103
1st Place – Micah Perez of Central Union

2nd Place – Johnson Mai of North Torrance

3rd Place – Mason Pengilly of Porterville

4th Place – George Torres of La Quinta

5th Place – Leif Eric of Sin Dominquez-Gilroy

6th Place – Isaiah Locsin of Live Oak

7th Place – Arthur Carmona of Brawley

8th Place – Miguel Martinez of Madera

Weight Class: 112

1st Place – Nashon Garret of Chico

2nd Place – Victor Lopez of Calexico

3rd Place – Joey Moita of De La Salle

4th Place – Jose Navarro of Madera

5th Place – Vincent Gomez of Frontier

6th Place – Ian Nickell of Bakersfield

7th Place – Paul Fox of Gilroy

8th Place – Dean O’Bourke of Fountain Valley

Weight Class: 119

1st Place – Daniel Gaytan of Clovis

2nd Place – Martin Ramirez of Elk Grove

3rd Place – Hermillo Esquivel of Orland

4th Place – Dillon Rocha of Lemoore

5th Place – Steven Knoblach of Clovis West

6th Place – Javier Gasca III of Central

7th Place – Ray Delgado of Oak Hills

8th Place – Vincent Herrera of South Hills

Weight Class: 125
1st Place – Vince Rodriquez of Clovis North

2nd Place – Fabian Garcia of Turlock

3rd Place – Cody Tow of El Dorado

4th Place – Oscar Lizarraga of Brawley

5th Place – Tyrin Stevenson of McKinleyville

6th Place – Masato Fukushima of North Torrance

7th Place – Auston Wulfert of Casa Roble

8th Place – Brain Ha of El Camino

Weight Class: 130
1st Place – Alex Cisneros of Selma

2nd Place – Shane Tate of Oakdale

3rd Place – Natrelle Demison of Bakersfield

4th Place – Chris Mecate of Redlands East Valley

5th Place – Connor Larson of Clovis East

6th Place – Shayne Tucker of Bella Vista

7th Place – Chris Calcogno of Clovis North

8th Place – Jorge Barajas of St. Francis

Weight Class: 135
1st Place – David Ferry of Oakdale

2nd Place – Isaiah Martinez of Lemoore

3rd Place – Nick Cano of St. Francis

4th Place – Michael Gonzalez of Sultana

5th Place – Alex Abono of De La Salle

6th Place – Willie Fox of Gilroy

7th Place – Juan Salas of Clovis

8th Place – Maxx Ramirez of Bakersfield

Weight Class: 140
1st Place – Nick Pena of Selma

2nd Place – Blake Kastl of Gilroy

3rd Place – Shane Yacuta of Porterville

4th Place – Adam Hendrickson of Healdsburg

5th Place – Andrew Perez of Pitman

6th Place – Tim Box of Bakersfield

7th Place – Chase Boontjer of Foothill

8th Place – Spaso Ilich of Ramona

Weight Class: 145
1st Place – Joey Davis of Santa Fe

2nd Place – Coleman Hammand of Bakersfield

3rd Place – Damien Arredondo of Buchanan

4th Place – Jesse Baldazo of Liberty

5th Place – Shervin Iraniha of Monte Vista

6th Place – Cody Smith of Santiago Corona

7th Place – Josh Dye of Central Valley

8th Place – Haydn Scharbrough of Glendora

Weight Class: 152
1st Place – Nathan Zarate of Selma

2nd Place – James Wilson of McNair

3rd Place – Victor Pereira of Newark Memorial

4th Place – Matthew Hickman of Camarillo

5th Place – Aam Fierro of Bakersfield

6th Place – Dylin Rodriguez of Sanger

7th Place – Juan Alvarado of Bloomington

8th Place – Ryan McWatters of Sultana

Weight Class: 160
1st Place – Bryce Hammond of Bakersfield

2nd Place – Nikko Reyes Clovis West

3rd Place – Scotty Bacon of Santiago Corona

4th Place – Trent Noon of Oakdale

5th Place – Dillon Reid of Red Bluff

6th Place – Matt Negrete of Buchanan

7th Place – Cody Linton of Winters

8th Place – Brandon Soyomayor of Centennial

Weight Class: 171
1st Place – Zack Nevills of Clovis

2nd Place – Vince Waldhauser of Oak Ridge

3rd Place – Justin Lozano of Selma

4th Place – Jacob Pendleton of Lemoore

5th Place – Robert Marchese of Oak Hills

6th Place – Hudson Buck of Vacaville

7th Place – Austin Crider of Poway

8th Place – Silas Nacita of Bakersfield

Weight Class: 189
1st Place – Morgan McIntosh of Calvary Chapel

2nd Place – Lucas Sheridan of De La Salle

3rd Place – Preston Quam of San Clemente

4th Place – Roman Ermolov of Terra Linda

5th Place – Logan Kellog of San Lorenzo Valley

6th Place – Ismael Sanchez of Silver Creek

7th Place – AC Brown of Oakdale

8th Place – Paul Yoo of Cypress

Weight Class: 215
1st Place – Tank Knowles of Calvary Chapel

2nd Place – Malique Micenheimer of McNair

3rd Place – Taylor Ferguson of Clovis

4th Place – Justin Walker of De La Salle

5th Place – Scott Brasil of Mt Pleasant

6th Place – Sean Medley of Wasco

7th Place – Porfirio Sosa of Poway

8th Place – Will Laster of Ukiah

Weight Class: 285
1st Place – Gavin Andrews of Granite Bay

2nd Place – Orry Elor of College Park

3rd Place – Wyatt Baker of Servite

4th Place – Robin Case of Rancho Buena Vista

5th Place – John Schupp of Vacaville

6th Place – Alex Kelley of Vista

7th Place – Daniel Fusi of Corona

8th Place – Brian Ryu of Diamond Bar